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Hossam mainly works with 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs to help them establish their successful business overseas

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Anna Chitidze

Real estate Consultant

Anna helps real estate investors to find profitable real estate opportunities around the world.

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Ketevan Chakhnashvili

Legal Consultant

Keti helps expats and investors to overcome the complexity of the local laws and regulations

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Nino Kekelidze

Accounting Consultant

Do you know that you can reduce your tax significantly by moving offshore? Nino will help you to do so

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Should YOU Invest in Real Estate in Georgia?

Investing in real estate in Georgia has been one of the well-known ways to make money in no time, Travelers from all over the world travel to Georgia for its beautiful nature where they can take amazing images and videos. Another reason for traveling to Georgia is the low cost of living where you can have the lifestyle you desire for pretty low price. There are too many real estate marketing companies and sites listing platform, in this blog post I’m going to tell what to do and If you Should buy from them?

property for sale in Georgia
How To Travel to Georgia

Freelance remote workers and Entrepreneur Visa

People went all over the social media sharing the news about the announcement of the Georgian government on Work From Georgia program where foreigners will be allowed to stay and work in the country for up to 365 days. The program is mostly directed to digital nomads, freelancer and entrepreneurs from countries where it’s not allowed to stay in Georgia for more than 30 days and their job allow them to work remotely as a location independent employee and all of what they need is a strong internet connection and a laptop

How to start a business in Georgia

If you are the type of entrepreneur who is looking for business opportunities overseas Georgia should be on your list of places. There is no minimum budget required to start a business, The tax on income is very low, jobs salaries are very low  where you can pay $300 for 8 hours of hard-working per month , and there are many investment projects. 

Georgia is a growing market and the government is trying to create a healthy environment for investors allowing them to invest and build their success in this beautiful country. Young Georgian generation speak English language very well with variety of skills, that help businesses to grow their return on the investment creating a lot of opportunities in sectors like call center industry where you can have an office in a co-working space and simply manage your customers service operations for a competitive cost. there are different options for entrepreneurs when it comes to choose a location for their business, on the other hand you won’t have hard time to find an assistant or an employee with a special skill who can develop your products or services. It’s worth mentioning that it takes less than one day to establish your business legally including opening a bank account and file in the revenue services. In this blog post I’m going to write about Georgia virtual zone where you can sell your software or digital products with 0 percent tax rate. Writing about starting a business in Tbilisi for me is simply sharing my personal experience and the credit for this information should go to a lot of people who have helped me during my nomadic journey.