Why every entrepreneur needs a business mentor,mistakes Entrepreneurs make in their relationships with mentors,How to Find a Business Mentor

How to Find a Business Mentor and Get the Most Out of Your Relationship

why every entrepreneur needs a business mentor

A mentor is probably the best thing to have in your business profession and one of the toughest to find. A great mentor can make a small business turn larger in a short period.

 They can assist you with exploring business challenges, small or big, and enhance your skills as a business person.

Finding the right mentor isn’t as tough as you think. The First thing to do in finding a business mentor is to know your short-term and long-term business goals. Then get to work by start searching around for the compactible ones.

Once you’ve found a business mentor you’re compatible with, how to get the most out of that relationship is important. Some ways to get the most out of your mentor relationship are;

How to Get the Most Out of Your Relationship with a Business Mentor

Open to feedback and Be honest.

Your mentor is there to assist you, and they have your best interests on a basic level. Be 100% open to feedback and be honest with them.

You should feel sufficient to open up and not keep anything from them completely. Hindrances have no place in a mentor conversation. Keep in mind that they are not passing judgment on you. If you hide your feelings and viewpoints when talking to them, you’re not helping yourself.

Be honest with what information you share. If you need something, request it, and don’t beat around the bush. Share your thoughts completely, and don’t skip out on details.

Provide them with the full image of your difficulties, goals, needs, and achievements so they can comprehend how to assist you.

Be curious with your mentor.

Step out of your comfort range and be curious. The most valuable recommendation you need to abide by to get the most out of a mentor relationship is this. Ask questions that make you dive further for replies.

Respect each other.

Respect goes both ways – you ought to respect your mentor, and they should respect you. Respect each other’s time, and make sure you stay within your chosen time limit. Respect each other’s lines so that neither party feels taken advantage of.

As a mentee, it tends to be enticing to need to throw questions to your mentor each time a question emerges, particularly if they’ve sacrificed to make themselves available to you beyond your booking meetings.

Save the times you contact them for the large things and create a list of the smaller questions you need to ask at your next meetings. Doing this shows that you respect their time.

Know your goals.

Create a larger image goal with your mentor before starting anything. If you’re planning to be operating with a mentor long run, set some smaller goals along the way.

It offers you one thing to figure out and assist keep meetings in the right direction and targeted. Without a goal, you won’t know the progress, and you will think you’re not getting much out of your mentor relationship.

Give as well as get.

You can gain from one another! Don’t be scared to share advice. It’s not violating or crossing any limits but making your relationship another stride further.

Having the options for both compromises will increase the relationship for both sides and take your relationship to a higher level.

why every entrepreneur needs a business mentor
why every entrepreneur needs a business mentor

Entrepreneurs have faith in their abilities to achieve and affect their own results, allowing them to take charge of their own life.

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why every Successful entrepreneur needs a business mentor

The online gurus and your loved ones can give you a consistent progression of information regarding business news and industry improvements. Consultants, employees, industry examiners, and great networking contacts can impart great knowledge regarding specific circumstances and necessities you might experience.

However, only a business mentor can share knowledge with you in a manner that can have a direct, positive effect on the development of your business over time.

Here are some reasons why every entrepreneur needs a business mentor:

They’ve Been Through a Lot.

Indeed, mentors have been there, and they have done a lot. With their long periods of involvement, mentors, without a doubt, have been or have experienced the things that you are currently facing with your business.

They have gone through many mistakes that can help you, and it is good to learn from those instead of encountering them yourself. Gain from their mistakes and lift your expectations with their prosperity. You’ll surely gain a lot of experience from them.

Having Someone to Turn to.

Beginning a business can be unpleasant, particularly if you come to a point where you don’t know what to do or decide to make. For new businesses, one wrong choice can demolish everything.

But having a business mentor can assist you with this. They can be the best individual to go to, particularly if you are nearly settling on huge choices for that will determine the success of your business, whether that is a startup or the one that got established already.

They can be generous enough to offer advice for free.

Business mentors know the battle of the people who are just starting up their own business, and they can be generous enough to give good guidance free of charge.

You do not need to recruit business advisors, which can be expensive for people just starting their own business. But mentors can share their experiences with you without getting money from you.

They can Introduce you to a Larger Professional Network.

Mentors can assist you in widening your network of connections with their experience in the business. They can assist you with being associated with additional experienced individuals who can coach you and assist you with improvements in your business.

As you can see, the result of having a business mentor is a great thing, and every entrepreneur and business owner should have one to enhance their business.

mistakes Entrepreneurs make in Building relationships with mentors

Some people perceive asking for help as embarrassing and see it as a sign that they are not good enough. However, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with getting help. It is, in fact, a sign of strength rather than weakness.

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A business mentor has a lot of experience and is ready to teach you what they know. But there are some common mistakes that entrepreneurs make when contacting them, and they are explained below;

Expecting your mentor to do your responsibilities

A good mentor will be occupied with their business matters. They will set aside a few minutes for you, However, will become irritated if you attempt to palm off your responsibility.

If your mentor is an accountant, consultant, lawyer, and so on, don’t expect the mentor to play out those works for your business without pay.

Doing all the talking.

It tends to be simple for you to discuss your points, desires, and approaches to getting things done – and never come up with anything. But, you won’t learn anything if you don’t permit the mentor to talk and give their knowledge.

Worrying about secrets

You might have a touchy outlook on your business secrets. But at times, the requirement for mystery might be legitimate, like on account of patentable creations.

Contact a lawyer about what you need to safeguard your privileges, including telling the mentor to sign a non-exposure arrangement.


Where entrepreneurs can find a good mentor

All entrepreneurs lack much knowledge the first time they start a business. And there’s just a single method for conquering this inexperience quickly: taking part in a mentorship.

But, how do you find a good business mentor? There are a lot of places where entrepreneurs can find a good business mentor.

Networking events

Networking events are created to place individuals in touch with each other; creating these events opens opportunities to grow your expert organization.

Attempt to have conversations with many people as you can, and don’t be excessively forward with your objectives; instead, wait for a potential partnership to make it obvious.

LinkedIn and Twitter

LinkedIn and Twitter are the big players in connecting with an expert. Find potential people based on your industry, and present yourself casually before asking for a more important commitment.

Small Business Development Centers

Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) are autonomous associations that give assets, ability, and advice to enhance entrepreneurs in urban communities across the nation.

Drawing on Small Business Administration federal funds, state and local government funds, and assets from the confidential area.


SCORE is an association committed to assisting people with their organizations’ beginning, running, and developing.

You can demand a free eye-to-eye meeting with a mentor to examine and talk more about your business thoughts through SCORE.

Indirect competitors

Your immediate rivals will be hesitant to offer you commonsense guidance on the most proficient method to succeed. Instead, search out your backhanded rivals, such as organizations in similar industries focusing on a different market fragment.

Assuming these organizations have been doing business longer than you have, their authority will have significant wisdom to share.


Volunteering is a shockingly effective method for making new connections. You’ll meet a wide range of individuals, from undergrads to retired people, every one of whom will want to show you a genuinely new thing.

Loved ones

Have you made a few inquiries about your loved ones? Somebody in your contacts list could know a cousin or old flatmate who proceeded to turn into an effective business person. These sorts of connections are generally the simplest to construct once found.

What do you expect from a good mentor?

A mentor is just an individual ready to take the time to share the experience they’ve gained. On the other side, it’s proper for a mentee to hope that their mentor should profoundly want to add esteem, assist the mentee in accomplishing their objectives, and urging them to arrive at their potential.

Things to expect from a mentor are;

Enhance Skills

A mentor ought to assist you by creating and enhancing skills, not necessarily scientific, that empower you to take care of your business.

Connections and assets

One of a mentor’s main responsibilities is giving financial help and access to assets that assist you with your exploration, like shared tools, technicians, biostatistics meetings, and chances to attend important research gatherings.

They ought to link you with other mentors, especially those who can compose letters of help.


A mentor should define assumptions and execution objectives. A mentor should meet with you early and frequently, and they should also be available to you by other means of meeting. A mentor should give genuine and productive feedback.

Encouragement and Protection

A mentor ought to safeguard you from getting exhausted into projects that don’t help your research. The mentoring relationship is about assisting the mentee in succeeding.

They should urge you to develop a research direction that will eventually be particular from their own.

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