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Secrets Of Living A Borderless Life

How To Succeed in Doing Business Overseas

Unleash your power and think globally with the best book that will help you to start a successful entrepreneurship journey overseas

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Nomad Entrepreneur Secrets of Living A Borderless Life Books
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Action Plan For a Global Success

Nomad Entrepreneur gives the proper mindset for success; it gives you a detailed strategy in action steps to succeed. This was the book that I wish I had back in 2019 when I first started my digital Nomad journey.
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Nomad Entrepreneur Secrets of Living A Borderless Life Book Cover
About the Book

Action Plan For a Global Success

The world is changing quickly, and local authorities release more regulations and restrictions daily.
If you are mad at your society, politicians, and economic policies, as the author was a decade ago, this book will help you deal with all that has led to you being dissatisfied.

Most people are limiting themselves to a society, country, laws, and regulations that they didn’t choose. However, the internet, a globalizing world economy, and the developing world’s emergence all present opportunities if they are willing to make simple changes in their life.

From choosing your new nation to developing your management skills; from business ideas to structuring your successful business, Hossam will introduce you to a life of international proportions, building an empire of companies, finding love in exotic locations, and improving everything, from your health to your tax bill.

About The Nomad Entrepreneur

Borderless Life & Entrepreneurial Mindset

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Hossam Afifi is the Founder and CEO of Nomad Entrepreneur, Georgia’s leading consulting firm dedicated to helping clients make informed decisions on the best industries to invest in, start a business and scale it.

Hossam grew up in a family of Egyptian expats (his father owned a restaurant in Kuwait). As a teenager, Hossam has participated in many businesses and explored many aspects of success and failure. As luck would have it, his training center business based in Egypt turned out to be a success.

Later, due to political and ethical reasons, Hossam decided to leave Egypt and start his Nomadic Entrepreneurship journey. When he was conducting his market research and exploring opportunities, Georgia came up as an emerging country. So, he established a hospitality business with meager capital, and after 18 months of making more than 100% of total profit, he sold it for a 200% increased price.

He explored other countries in the region for business opportunities, traveling to Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Russia. Then, he decided to continue his Entrepreneurship activities in Georgia.

When Georgia’s reputation as an emerging market was growing in the middle east, the opportunity presented itself while no news outlets were covering the daily news of Georgia in the Arabic language. As a former freelance writer, he pursued one of his dreams by starting a news website. Soon after, became the most prominent news website covering Georgia’s news in Arabic.

In 2019, He founded , a business consulting firm that has already helped thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide. Nomad Entrepreneur’s YouTube channel became extremely popular among expats and digital nomads in Georgia in a matter of days.

In December 2020, Hossam established , a real estate agency that operates in the Georgian real estate market and partners with over 10 of the biggest construction companies in the country.

Currently, Hossam is exploring business opportunities in Europe. From the Netherlands, he recently published his first book in English, Nomad Entrepreneur | secrets of living a borderless life.

The book includes Hossam’s years of experience in business and life, his achievements and advice.

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The Author has helped thousands of people to succeed in their business and entrepreneurial journey.


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The book is available on Amazon and you can get whether a digital copy or a paperback

Secrets of Living A Borderless Life Book Cover

The author recommend

Hossam believes that humankind’s journey is influenced by shared knowledge and experience.
Reading books is vital for every entrepreneur who wants to develop a successful business and keep their entrepreneurial mindset intact.

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