best books for digital nomad entrepreneurs

Best Books For Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

Best Books For Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

Your ultimate goal as an entrepreneur is to bring your business idea to fruition, which does not happen overnight.

To be a great entrepreneur, you must master a variety of skills, such as communication, creative and analytical thinking, and similar qualities. You should also be well-versed in the market and sector in which you operate.

In the entrepreneurial world, there is always more to learn. Over time, every industry evolves and changes. To keep up with the industry’s pace and survive, you must cultivate a habit of reading. One of the most effective strategies to learn more is to read books. We will be looking some of the best books for digital nomad entrepreneur in this article.

Best books for digital nomad entrepreneurs on Amazon

Good books can teach you a lot of things that will help you flourish as an entrepreneur. They can serve as a source of inspiration, assist in the development of talents, and provide advice on how to grow your firm.

They can help you learn from the experiences of others who have traveled the same path as you. You can benefit from their mistakes and experiences, which we’ve shared in this article as we examine together four of the best books for digital nomad entrepreneur.

What makes a good book?

If a book grips you, makes you late for everything, and after reading it you wish you’d read it more slowly, then that is, without doubt, a good book. It is useful, of course, if this kind of book comes with a pre-read warning in the blurb, so that you can clear your diary and stock up on food before opening the cover, but so many books are described as ‘gripping’ or ‘full of suspense’ that you never really know. This, for me, is the top characteristic of a good book.

What makes a good book ‘good’?

1.   Millionaire Expat: How to Build Wealth Living Overseas

Create the most powerful portfolio you’ve ever had from any location on the planet.

Millionaire Expat is a guide on wise investing, retirement planning, and wealth accumulation while living abroad. This book, which is a follow-up to The Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing, offers savvy investment advice for everyone—no matter where you’re from—to help you reach your financial goals.

Index funds are the way to go whether you want to invest in safety, growth, or a combination of both. Most counselors will not tell you about these low-risks, high-return options.

Most financial planners would prefer to make a lot of money then follow solid financial principles, but Warren Buffett and Nobel Laureates agree that index funds are the greatest method to beat the market—so who are you willing to put your money with?

Millionaire Expat Book Cover
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If you want a better advisor, this book will show you how to find one; if you’d prefer to go it alone, this book will show you how to invest in the finest products for you using index fund strategies.

  • Find out how to invest for both safety and high returns
  • Calculate how much retirement will cost you and how much you should be saving each month
  • Take advantage of your offshore status to invest successfully and profitably by learning where to locate a reliable advisor—or go it alone.

Andrew Hallam, the author, was a high school teacher who amassed a million-dollar portfolio while working as a teacher. He understands how ordinary people can succeed in business. In Millionaire Expat, he tailors his finest advice to the specific needs of expats to provide you with the practical, real-world information you require.

2.   The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack the Code to Wealth and Live Rich for a Lifetime

You’ve been duped into believing that you can build money by blindly trusting in the uncontrollable and unpredictable markets of housing, stocks, and jobs since you were old enough to work. The “Slowlane,” a dangerous financial gamble that ostensibly offers fortune in a wheelchair, is the name for this soul-sucking, dream-stealing doctrine.

Accept the Slowlane as your financial road plan, and your financial future will be blown apart by a sailboat of HOPE: HOPE you can find and keep a job, HOPE the stock market doesn’t crash, HOPE for a strong economy, HOPE, HOPE, HOPE. Do you want HOPE to be the focal point of your financial strategy for your family?

If you drive in the Slowlane, you’ll find that your life has devolved into a depressing display of what you can’t accomplish vs. what you can.

There is an expressway to incredible wealth that may burn a trail to financial independence faster than any route out there for individuals who refuse the lifetime subscription to mediocrity. Surprisingly, this path has nothing to do with work, 401(k)s, indexed funds, or a frugal lifestyle in a modest house.

The Millionaire Fastlane Book Cover
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Here are some examples of what you will learn:

  • Why 40 years of foolish frugality, 401(k)s, and indexed funds will never make you rich young.
  • Why a Fastlane plan is the strongest antidote to inflation, economic downturns, and pandemic lockdowns.
  • Why do most businesses fail, and how to immediately improve your chances.
  • The true wealth law: Leverage this, and wealth will be drawn to you like a magnet.
  • The major source of poverty: Change this and everything changes.
  • How the wealthy become wealthy – and it has nothing to do with a paycheck or a 401(k) match.
  • The undeniable mathematics of money is how you and any “Joe Schmo” may access genuine wealth quickly.
  • Why the guru’s hallowed idols, compound interest, and index fund investment, are ineffective wealth generators.
  • Why common guru clichés like “do what you love” and “follow your passion” will almost certainly keep you impoverished, rather than wealthy.
  • And there are more than 250 more poverty-fighting distinctions…

NEWSFLASH! Your mainstream financial guru who has 500 radio stations and lives in a $10 million mansion isn’t wealthy because he follows his advice religiously; rather, he’s wealthy because he’s sold it to enough fools who believe it… in other words, he’s driving The Millionaire Fastlane. More is expected. The truth must be demanded. Shift gears and locate your wealth-building turbocharger. Take advantage of the Fastlane, decipher the riches code, and learn how to live a life of luxury.

3.   Nomad Capitalist: Reclaim Your Freedom

The world has permanently changed.

  • Governments have encroached on the life of their citizenry.
  • A small group of people is consolidating power.
  • The global economy has grown more volatile and unpredictably unpredictable.

Meanwhile, the internet, a globalizing world economy, and the emergence of the developing world all give chances for any entrepreneur or investor willing to make minor lifestyle modifications. For those ready to follow Andrew Henderson’s “Five Magic Words” and “Go Where You’re Treated Best,” geography is no longer a barrier.

Mr. Nomad Capitalist: Reclaim Your Freedom has been named by the BBC, Bloomberg, Forbes, CNN, Fox Business, and others as the world’s most sought-after authority on offshore tax planning, second passports, and global citizenship.


Henderson has distilled a decade of investigative world travel into a unique book to offer entrepreneurs and investors a new way of life that allows them to keep more of their own money, live anywhere they want, become global citizens, and enhance their lives and the earth.

Direct and to the point. Experienced. Unapologetic. Practical. Transparent. Even amusing. Mr. Henderson’s “EKG” formula will be used by The Nomad Capitalist to:

By living, investing, banking, and conducting business overseas, you can:

  • ENHANCE your lifestyle;
    • KEEP more of your money; and
    • GROW your money.

Andrew will introduce you to a life of international proportions, from foreign companies to offshore accounts, and from overseas investments to dual citizenship, storing gold in super-secret vaults, finding love in exotic locations, and improving everything from your health to your tax bill by simply “going where you’re treated best.”

And the second edition of Nomad Capitalist will provide you with much more information than the first. You’ll receive the following:

  • Two completely new chapters on abandoning US citizenship and cryptocurrencies, with more how-to information, methods, and countries to incorporate into your offshore plan.
    • FOUR rewritten chapters on second passports, relationships, tax savings, and more
    • Updates throughout the entire book
    • How-To to Action Plans at the end of each chapter, as well as a brand-new conclusion that will assist you in embarking on your customized offshore journey.

Is this book going to answer your specific queries regarding how your company can use staffing companies and GILTI to transfer price IP from Montenegro to Canada? No. No general-interest book can provide you with a comprehensive and customized offshore plan. It doesn’t have to. This book is not a replacement for professional assistance in following Mr. Henderson’s 100% legal advice.

It will give you a sense of what’s possible, including second passport options, offshore banking countries to consider (and avoid), specific jurisdictions to consider for business and investment, and the basic framework you’ll need to legally lower your taxes and build the life of your dreams overseas.

You’ll also get a glimpse into the life of the Nomad Capitalist himself, as well as the kinds of real-world anecdotes and personal experiences that helped him gather the knowledge he’s used to helping hundreds of people go where they’re treated best.

4.   Expat Secrets: How to Pay Zero Taxes

Mikkel Thorup uses his 20+ years of international experience to provide you with a comprehensive guide to living abroad, saving money on taxes, getting a second passport, and traveling the world as an expat. This book will save you years of trial and error by providing you with a step-by-step guide to planting flags all over the world. This is the book for you if you’re interested in Secret Vaults in Asia, Offshore Bank Accounts in Belize, Hardwood Plantations in Central America, Real Estate in China, and Business Class Travel around the world.

Expat Secrets is jam-packed with timeless advice gleaned from his travels to over 100 countries. Mikkel takes a straightforward approach to the offshore markets.

See what others are saying about Expat Secrets in the offshore markets.

“In ‘Expat Secrets,’ Mikkel concisely illustrates the many benefits that accrue to those who pick their nation of residency, as well as providing practical and current recommendations and examples… this book is a game-changer!” – Gregor Gregersen, Silver Bullion Pte Ltd’s Founder

“Many thanks to Mikkel for a succinct and well-written account of a true global pioneer’s international experience.

The chapter on the advantages of parenting children abroad is particularly refreshing. As the parent of two third-culture kids, I can attest that no education broadens the mind more than growing up abroad.” – ECI Development Chairman and CEO Michael K. Cobb

Expat Secrets Book Cover
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“Having formed hundreds of businesses for customers over the previous seven years, I can attest to the value of this book for those just getting started.” Edmund Founder of, John Lowell

“Having lived and worked abroad for more than a quarter-century, I’ve seen Expats make every blunder imaginable… save yourself time and energy by learning from someone who has done it before.” Expat Secrets is THE BOOK that will help you get started on your overseas adventure.” Live and Invest Overseas — Lief Simon, COO, and Senior Real Estate Editor

Do you want to explore more books? Ali Abdaal has published this helpful video watch it


Entrepreneur books are tools that assist company owners in starting and growing their companies. Reading advice from well-known visionaries can help entrepreneurs set realistic objectives and expectations, overcome challenges, stay true to their missions, and form and grow great businesses. This is why we have carefully picked those above as best books for digital nomad entrepreneur for you to read and increase your business horizon.

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