What do digital nomad use as home address?,How to Manage Your Mail as a Digital Nomad

What do digital nomads use as home address?

What do digital nomad entrepreneurs use as home address?

For digital nomads and remote professionals, there are numerous productivity and communication solutions available. If you wonder “what do digital nomad entrepreneurs use as home address”, If you read all the way to the conclusion, I’ll be able to assist you in answering this question.

For those without a stable address, a virtual mailbox offers an innovative option in that it can supply you with a real physical address for a monthly charge. They can also assist you by managing your mail, scanning your shipments, and forwarding them on your behalf anywhere in the world.

We’ll look at the advantages of having a virtual mailbox, as well as some of the best virtual mailbox services throughout the world, in the sections below. We’ll also look at how much they cost, what they offer and include, and how to pick the right one for you.

How to Manage Your Mail as a Digital Nomad

Still on the quest of finding “what do digital nomad entrepreneurs use as home address”, let’s start with a few guidelines for managing your mail before you go on a long-term trip or start living the digital nomad lifestyle.

1.    Cancel Contracts

One of the items on your preparation checklist before embarking on a digital nomad lifestyle is to cancel any contracts that you no longer require when traveling.

That includes things like weekly newspapers, gym subscriptions, golf club memberships, local internet or telephone service providers, and any other services or products tied to your current area.

After you’ve terminated all of these contracts, you’ll notice a big reduction in the volume of mail you receive.

2.    Get Your Mail via the Internet

The best thing you can do is read back over your mail from the previous few weeks or months. Make a list of who is sending you correspondence and why they are doing so.

Then check the company’s website to see whether they have an online customer account. If this is the case, you can usually adjust your settings from receiving mail to receiving emails.

If you exclusively receive promotional mail, now is a good moment to unsubscribe from this type of communication (if you are not interested in the offers).

If you can’t access anything online for a specific provider, simply contact them by phone or email. Explain that you will be moving abroad and that the only method to communicate with you would be through email.

3.    Your Mail Can Be Forwarded to Friends or Family

Because of legal or technical constraints, some services or institutions may not be able to convert from physical mail to email (think of location tax offices, citizen centers, etc.).

In these situations, you may have a family member or close friend to whom you can forward your letter. They can either open the mail for you or keep them until you return to town.

If you live in the United States, you can either update your address directly with the relevant institution or request a change of address order from the US Postal Service.

4.    Rentals of PO Boxes or Mailboxes

If you are unable to divert your mail to relatives or friends, you may wish to consider renting PO boxes or mailboxes, such as those offered by the United States Postal Service. All you have to do now is make sure they’re big enough to store all of your mail until you (or a friend or family member) can get to it.

Another disadvantage is that you will be completely unaware if you receive essential correspondence. It could be weeks or months before you can check your mail again, depending on your vacation plans. That means you’re at risk of missing crucial deadlines or notifications.

5.    Dedicated Office Services or Coworking Spaces

Many coworking spaces are eager to assist you with your mail in addition to providing a place to work and network with like-minded people. In large cities, the same is true for dedicated office spaces.

Send your mail to their address, and they will either store it or open it and notify you. Such services are available in your home country or in the nation to which you are traveling.

6.    Services for Virtual Mailboxes

As a digital nomad, tourist, or expat, virtual mailbox services are one of the most common ways to receive mail.

What Are Virtual Mailboxes and How Do They Work?

Virtual Mailboxes are services that receive your mail, photograph the outside, and upload the image to your digital mailbox. You can then choose whether the mail should be opened, saved, or shredded.

If you request it, someone will open the letter, scan it, and post it so you can read it online. These services also ensure the utmost privacy and security.

Why a Virtual Mailbox is a Must-Have for Digital Nomads

There are numerous reasons why you should use a virtual mailbox. Listed below are a few of the most beneficial.

1.    No matter how much you move, keep a permanent address.

You can have a genuinely permanent address with a virtual mailbox. Because VPM addresses are owned, your location will not change even if you do. You’ll never have to update your address again, no matter where you are or how frequently your address changes!

2.    Customers will pay you faster.

You can accept payments from clients using your virtual mailbox and have VPM deposit your checks for you. This way, when you’re on the road, you won’t have to bother about heading to the bank every time you get a check.

3.    Important corporate choices and communications should be acted upon.

Allow your virtual mailbox to send you real-time notifications about your personal and company invoices, ensuring that you never miss a payment, invoice, or tax! By digitizing your mail, your virtual mailbox will automatically save you time. All you have to do now is pick whether to archive, keep, or trash it. It makes keeping records a breeze!

4.    With mail forwarding, you can get essential mail in your hands.

Obtain what you desire and require (like that credit card). You’ll never have to wait for any government or financial documentation when you’re in a new country.

5.    Get all of your legal documentation as soon as possible so you can stay compliant.

To stay compliant and legally registered, you’ll need a permanent address for your business, as well as to file taxes, licenses, bank loans, credit cards, and other government-related documents. Almost everything you do as a digital nomad requires an address, which can be tough for you to obtain. But don’t be concerned. You’re covered with a virtual mailbox! A virtual mailbox will give you an address, which you may use to do business without any hassles. It’s your physical address, and it’ll never change because it’s tied to a commercial office building. You’ll never have to worry about your address being updated or changed again!

6.    Get all of the brands you’ll need to run your company from any location.

You don’t have to order products online or have packages delivered to you just because you’re frequently on the road. Your packages will be forwarded to wherever you are now located through virtual mailboxes. Use package forwarding in the same way that you would mail forwarding.

Best Virtual Mailbox Services for Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs  

In general, you should check to see if the virtual mailbox supports addresses from your specific country. Here’s a rundown of some of the greatest digital nomad virtual mailbox services:

1.     Traveling Mailbox

Your mail can be accessed, scanned, forwarded, or stored to popular services like Evernote or Google Drive using Traveling Mailbox. You can forward your mail to one of the 25+ addresses accessible in the United States. Get your mailbox by clicking on the image below.

Traveling Mailbox

2.     IPostal1

iPostal1 has addresses in several countries, including Canada, the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Italy, and Singapore. You’ll get a full-featured digital mailbox here, with the ability to receive, forward, scan, and recycle mail. You can also pick up your mail at one of their locations if you like. Get your mailbox now by clicking on the image below.


3.      PostScan Mail

Another popular and inexpensive virtual mailbox solution for digital nomads is PostScan Mail. You can use this service to handle your mail from anywhere in the world.

Your mail can be scanned and forwarded 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For the first 30 days, you can store your mail for free.

4.     Anytime Mailbox

Anytime Mailbox is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most popular virtual mailbox services. And it’s not just in Australia. This organization also supplies addresses in a variety of other countries, including the United States, Hong Kong, Canada, India, the United Kingdom, and Malaysia. The cost varies based on the area.

Anytime Mailbox
Anytime Mailbox

5.     Earth Class Mail

For digital nomads or remote professionals, Earth Class Mail is one of the best virtual mailbox services. And there’s a good reason for that: Earth Class Mail includes everything.

You can have your mail scanned, forwarded, or shredded without having to do anything. They also feature an automated check deposit system, so you may get paid more quickly and save time.


That’s all there is to it! Guess you got a good number of facts about “what do digital nomad entrepreneurs use as home address” solved by now. You live an interesting and nomadic life as a digital nomad entrepreneur. You must, however, attend to your business and keep up with vital notices and correspondence. Why not use a virtual mailbox service to reduce some of that duty and stress? Allow the virtual mailbox to handle the tedious details so you can concentrate entirely on your work and interesting vacations.

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