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How to get a job in Georgia Europe [Easy or Difficult]

How to get a job in Georgia

If you are planning to move to Georgia for any reason, you should consider the difficulties of getting a job in this small Caucasian country. Before hopping on a plane, you should know that Finding a job in Georgia is not necessarily easy, especially for expats. In the following article you will find more information on the local labor market, the job hunt and working permits.

Getting a job in Georgia is a complicated process. The local labor market is over-crowded. There are main job market web-pages where you can find a vacancy, however, the candidates are usually required to know Georgian language knowledge requirements as well as the low salary, compared to other countries. When you decide to move to Georgia, it is advised to make sure you have a job or any other source of income, as finding a job based on your skills in the country may be tricky.

Is it possible to find a job in Georgia the country?

The employment relations are regulated by the Labor Code of Georgia. Georgian labor code provides flexible conditions for employment. There is no minimum wage, this creates a condition where the salary depends on agreement between employer and employee. The lack of control of minimal wages’ requirement sometimes plays against the interests of the candidate as the employers set the terms and take actions independently regarding the employment. Progressive organizational views and approach are on demand nowadays as the employment industry needs to convert itself into more modern interface.

Average Salary in Georgia

According to Geostat, the average monthly salary in Georgia is about GEL 1,130 GEL approximately 350 USD (2019 ). However, if your skills are not developed or get a clerical job , you should expect to make much less than that. Simultaneously, if you’re a skilled professional, your salary is more likely to be higher.

Considering the low cost of living in the country, the number of average salary seems normal. However, consider apartment rent and other utilities, which are not very cheap in Tbilisi, and the possibility of getting lower salary, the number is not very dreamy, however still acceptable.

Working hours and overtime payment in Georgia

A maximum duration of working time per week is 40 hours and 48 working hours for specific sectors (48 hours for a list of specific sectors is defined by the Government of Georgia). It is possible to arrange working processes in different shifts. Payment of overtime hours must be more than usual working hours, the amount of payment is defined by the employment contract

Taxes based on salary.

There is a flat rate (20%) personal income tax and additionally, 2 % Pension Contribution (new category of tax). The taxes are automatically included and the employee gets the gross.

Can a foreigner work in Georgia?

Citizens from around the globe who wish to move to Georgia and lawfully obtain jobs. They are required to observe the general rules for legal employment and gain a work permit in Georgia.

A work residence permit in Georgia is issued to persons coming to Georgia for entrepreneurial or labor activities as well as to freelancers

Georgia bans discrimination based on any kind of basis as well nationality. Country shows its willingness towards different nationals working in the country.

Jobs for expats in Tbilisi

Tbilisi has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and the low cost of living. As an expat, I find products are relatively cheap compared to Europe or the USA

Most of the food products are imported from neighboring countries like Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine.

Having a good meal in a restaurant costs around $9.

Recently, Gas prices have increased, and because it’s used in every house in Georgia for heating, especially in winter, locals complain about it.

Transport expenses are still under control. Having a ride in a Marshrutka costs 1 GEL, and the metro is at a similar price.

It’s worth trying to find a job in Georgia; however, I would advise you to work as a freelancer or maybe start a company in one of the following sectors:

1- Media

If you are a photographer or a videographer, you can find too many opportunities, whether by working as a contractor or by doing some promotion on social media.

2- web developer and designer

If you are the one who can create awesome websites or develop great apps, then I’m sure you can find jobs everywhere, not only in Tbilisi.

Job Hunting in Georgia

Effective job searching might take months. Before you start your search take into account that jobs in Georgia could be found both on local and remote markets. You might be applying for the vacancies, whatsoever your applications might not even get short-listed. If you have a good communication skills, know languages bot speaking and writing, (English and Russian mainly, maybe French or Dutch as well) you are more likely to get into the industry. Before applying for any job, it is recommended first to check whether it is local or international company as they offer different categories of jobs especially with the growing number of international companies who are working in real estate investment projects, Forex, Information Technology, and different services providers, it’s expected that you will find one of those companies on your way searching for a job.

Jobs in Georgia step by step

The job hunting process for foreigners in Georgia can be conducted online and through other speculative communications and use of personal connections.

Finding a preferable job in Tbilisi city or any of the other cities (Kutaisi, Batumi) is difficult even for the locals with university degree (bachelor or even master) and working experience. There are few steps you should carefully take through the process:

Step 1 — Create a quality CV

Applicant with a great structure resume where the experience and skills catch the eye, is a huge step forward to the interview.

Step 2 — Search for the Vacancy

Both international and national companies are unlikely to publicly advertise open positions for foreigners, preferring to employ locals.

However, you can get the job at the international company by contacting them directly or by invitation to work in the country.

There are also a few main local sites where you can search for jobs:; In this case, you should consider that the majority of vacancies require the knowledge of Georgian language.

Step 3 — Find a position that meets your skills

Lots of jobs are open every day on the local market. However, every each of them requires different skills. You should think of your best skills and then jump into an opportunity to avoid a waste of your time.

For example, if you are a social person, have a good communication skills, can deliver sales services around the globe over the phone, then call center might be the place for you.

There are many call centers located in Tbilisi, which require a high level of English and Georgian language is not mandatory. These companies are emerging and hiring the candidates on a daily basis. If you are fluent in English and have an experience in sales and skills required for the position, you might get a job as sales assistant there and join team.

Teaching English and education field is also among a few jobs on local market, where an expat can be employed.

However, those who are not fluent in English or any other language, do not have many options : working at the construction, being a store stocker, serve as a security officer etc.

Step 4 — Conduct a sharp Interview

Thanks to technical development, interviews can be held online. Always get ready for the possible questions from the administration. Keep in mind that no one has a right to ask you to reveal extra information than the one necessary for decision-making (for example about your health, religion, personal data etc.).

Remote Jobs in Georgia

Most expats work remotely in Georgia. This way they have an income from overseas. Some do the freelance work or get dividends. The truth is, you should make sure you have access to a stable income before arriving in the country.

Georgian government is expressly supporting remote workers as well.

A wide range of jobs especially in the technology field, including graphical design, database supervision, digital marketing, customer support, java engineer or maybe even analytical work or other career that do not require physical presence of the employee are encouraged to be done remotely, especially in Covid-19 era.

The salary for the remote workers is pretty higher compared to native workers.

Remotely from Georgia program – Opportunity for Expats

Nowadays it’s very common to work remotely and Georgia encourages foreigners (from the list of 95 countries at this moment) to live and work from there visa free for a year. “Remotely from Georgia is a new state project under the pandemic condition, which means that there’s a special regulation for those who are remote workers and earn more than 2,000 per month early. The Above mentioned persons, depending on their profession, may enter Georgia, pay for their 8-day quarantine stay in a preselected hotel and live and work from Georgia legally for 365 days (180 days at least.). As the national border is still closed, this is a very good opportunity for those who were planning relocation and visiting Georgia and settle as freelancers. If interested, you may see more information on the official website of the Georgian government.

So far thousands of people have applied for the opportunity but only a few have arrived in the country.

Georgia Work Visa

While citizens of 98 countries are allowed to enter the country without a visa and stay for a maximum period of one year, they need to apply for a Georgia work visa when engaging in labor relations. Special immigration visa is issued to those who are willing to relocate to Georgia and work there. Foreign employees cannot work in Georgia with a tourist visa (if they need one to enter the country) or other short-term visa.

Potential country guests who are willing to obtain for the work visas should visit the nearest diplomatic or consular facility and submit all the required documents.

General requirements for obtaining working visa include:

  • A completed and signed visa application form; (found on the web page)
  • A valid passport;
  • An employment contract with a company based in Georgia;
  • Payment of the visa fee.

Currently, Most of the countries have implemented a lot of restrictions and regulations on foreigners to enter the country. If you want to know about the regulations that Georgia applied on foreigners visiting Georgia read this blog post: How to travel to Georgia during the pandemic? 

Work Residence Permit

As we already mentioned, those who are coming to Georgia for entrepreneurial or labor activities as well as to freelancers can obtain a work permit residence. The foreign citizens who are legally staying in the country are allowed to apply for the work residence permit.

To obtain a residence permit in Georgia, a foreign citizen must either personally or via authorized representative apply to any territorial office of the Public Service development agency, branch of the Public Service Hall or apply online via the distance service of the Public Service development agency. The permit is issued for the period of 6 years. To read more about this topic click on: Types of residence permits in Georgia

It’s noteworthy that with the increase of investors who come to Georgia to invest whether by buying a property or multiple properties seeking the investment residency and after that the Georgian citizenship, it’s expected that the number of jobs for foreigners will increase.


Getting a job in Georgia Europe is pretty tricky. Having all the relevant skills, experience, being in English, excellent recommendations etc. might not be enough to provide you a decent job on a local market. Individuals who do the business or the ones who have remote job are more lucky and the atmosphere is more preferred for them. Before starting your search of a job in Georgia, first ensure that you have an ability to adapt to the changed life. The employment culture in Georgia needs to be modernized. On the other hand, the job environment in Georgia and its community is overall friendly for international workers.

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